TEAM 1040

Anybody else having a problem accessing the TEAM 1040 online? I'm in Kamloops and I would rather listen to the TEAM 1040 than the FAN 590. Let me know if you are also having a problem :)
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Canada's newest hockey heroes

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Poll #711175 Will Bert stay

Will Bertuzzi stay in Vancouver?


Just want your opinion is all

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what made me a Canucks fan...

So... someone asked me what made me a Canucks fan... Well, it started many years ago when Igor Larionov, one of the first russians in the NHL, came over and made his debut (as a Canuck)... Anyways, he being my favorite player, I started to follow the team... I come to find out many of my favorite players have at one time played for the Canucks, or are currently playing for the team... Cam Neely, Trevor Linden, Arturs Irbe, Pavel Bure, Alex Mogilny... the list can go on and on... Anyways, I've come to really respect and like this team, and I cheer them on whenever they are on TV (which around here isn't often... when they ARE on, it's usually on ESPN when theyre playing the Red Wings or Avs, or on the local cable channel playing the Lightning...)

So that's why I am a Canucks fan... a great history full of players I have always been a fan of... a team I will always support... hehe.. Go Canucks! :)
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so how bout them injuries eh??

May's forehead looked painful...and poor Clouts.. =( it looked HELLA painful!
Johan did well tho, i'm proud. I found it amusing when they showed Auld walking in.. it was like a glimmer of hope.. a glimmer of light.. and his bald head and serious 'game face' just added onto the mood..teehee..

oh yea and #($&(#*&%()#(&#@(&$&^*!!!! to the refs and the commentators. they were horrible last night.

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shouldn't this community be FILLED with rants and raves @this time of the year?

so they lost tonight. but we will rock their house.. watch it flamers.

i love my ohlund

hello everyone...

This is my first posting here, I just joined the community... I am a Vancouver Canucks fan, in probably one of the most un-thought of places... I am in the southwest corner of Florida... and I have been a fan for many years... As you can tell by my photo here, Markus Naslund is my favorite Canuck... hehe... :) Anyone wants to chat with me, feel free to add me to their msn messenger list at or you can e-mail me at the same e-mail... Laters all! :)
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